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Submitted on
December 6, 2013


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(Or better said : how a riolu met me and had a good meal )
Warning, contain pokemon soft oral vore and spelling mistakes

Have you ever heard that it's relaxing to rest in a forest, against a tree ?
It's true, even if sometimes, things doesn't work exactly like planned....

I was sleeping against a tree in a forest, everything was normal, I had a special pokedex which would warn me if a pred would approach me.
When I woke up, instead of a pred sleeping with me in his belly, a pred eating me or planning to do it (that's what usually happen to me) , I found a shiny riolu sleeping on my chest. He was so cute, curled up like a kitty, a smile on his lips. I started to rub his fur gently, and he purred in response . He opened his eyes and looked at me, he had the same look than my pokemons when they want something and he looked like he was starving . I gave him something to eat for small pokemons, without looking at what was it. It was a candy which increase the happiness and a misterious candy. While he was eating, I took my pokedex to desactivate the pred detector and looked at my to-do list. While doing this, I felt that someone took my shoes, and when I looked in front of me, I saw a shiny lucario looking at me hungrily. (The riolus evolve in lucario if they are happy and gain a level the day. The misterious candy make the pokemon gain a level)
"uh uhm... Did you just evolve ?and why did you take my shoes ?" I asked . "Yes I evolved, thank to you , and your shoes doesn't look apetizing, that's why I remove them" he answered , then he got to his knees and he grabbed my feet and placed them in his mouth. He had a very tight grip. knowing that he was way stronger than me, I didn't even try to escape as he pulled my feet in his maw, licking me a lot to savour my taste. "couldn't you eat something or someone else ?" I said , laughing because his tongue was tickling my feet. "I could, but I won't " he answered as my feet entered in his throat and my legs were pulled in his maw.
Me : You won't kill me, is it ?
Shiny lucario : No, it wouldn't be nice to kill the guy who gave me a good meal and made me evolve. By the way, you are the tastier thing I ever ate. *pull more of me in his mouth while my legs are sliding down his throat*
Me : Thanks . Could we have a deal ?
Shiny lucario : what kind of deal ?
Me : have you ever wondered how it would be to have a nice bed, good food, and a ... Tasty trainer ?
Shiny lucario : the bed and good food doesn't sound very interesting, but the tasty trainer... *he lick me and pull me deeper in his maw . my waist enter in his throat while my feet enter in his stomach.* If I could eat him once each week...
Me : You would be allowed to eat me more often than only once a week if you accept
Shiny lucario : *give some big gulps to send me into his stomach* deal accepted *he purr and rub his belly*
Me : I'm sure that we'll both be happy with it *start rubbing his belly*
Shiny lucario : me too, me too *he lay down where I was to rest against the tree* it's very relaxing to rest against a tree
The main character is Jack, the same boy than in my story halloween vore . I'll make another story with him as the main character if 3 deviants ask me to, and I'll make his bio if 2 person ask me to, and maybe I'll use him for RPs.
Comment please
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SHADOWACEDESTROYER Dec 23, 2013  Student Photographer
Nice story dude
thanks :-)
and thank you very much for the 4 favs
SHADOWACEDESTROYER Dec 24, 2013  Student Photographer
No problem dude
frost-tech Dec 19, 2013  Student Writer
Is there part 3 or something?
toontoontoon Dec 8, 2013  Professional Artist
chouette histoire merci :=)
dragoneater221 Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
(i got to quiet looking away from keyboard and typing with caps lock on XD)
I give it my stamp of approval! *goes to stamp and accidentaly stamps a table*
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